Sell and buy thousands of agriculture products

Agritech Center is a B2B online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of agricultural products, inputs, agricultural equipment, and services. The platform can accommodate online payments between buyer and seller, quality control options and end-to-end logistics services.

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The best solution to buy and sell thousands of agricultural products

Find the right products in the quantities you need. Launch product auctions or you can be invited to tenders opened by other users. The platform organizes the transport of goods at the most convenient price, with the approval of the final customer.

What the Agritech Center platform has to offer:

The possibility of knowing and excluding the people that don’t pay;

Choosing the preferred payment method;

Financing options.

Integrated marketplace for all Agribusiness and Agrifood branches.

The place where the demand meets the supply of raw materials, the processors, manufacturers of processing and storage equipment, distributors of inputs, as well as providers of logistics, financial (credit, guarantee and insurance) and IT solutions.

  • For Producers / Farmers

    Farmers/producers can post their offers. They can also start auctions.

  • For Subscribers

    Paying subscribers will receive push notifications before non-payers. Payers will receive detailed reports and statistics. Thus, you will always be connected to the market, its offers and needs.

  • Find the best deals quickly.

    The user will be able to set filters, which will limit the information of interest they will receive.



We are here for you and we want you to be as informed as possible. If the information below does not answer all your questions, please contact us. Thus, you will receive from us relevant information in the field of agribusiness.

The agribusiness sector - a field we put our bet on

An annual 1.5% increase in agricultural production is estimated. To meet this challenge, we joined companies in the field of agribusiness to come up with innovative solutions.

The Agritech Center platform aims to be a dynamic platform, a place where demand meets the offer, where all transactions are facilitated, secure and, above all, a place where all the news in the field are centralized.

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What is Agritech exactly?

Agritech Center, the marketplace dedicated to the agribusiness and agri-food industry, is the virtual place where farmers, processors, and car suppliers meet to market goods at low prices, for cheaper transaction costs and to benefit from complementary services.

How will it work?

To get the most out of everything the platform will have to offer you have to follow  a few simple steps:


Join the platform;

Select the areas of interest;

Find out about the market;

Create bids or start auctions;

Choose logistics details and delivery conditions;

Apply for financing or insurance;

Sell ​​and buy at the best prices with just a few clicks;

Stay connected to follow the order and keep up to date with the news;

Report payment incidents (if such events occur);

Control the entire process from anywhere, using only a smartphone.

What problems does the Agritech Center platform solve?

Instant and direct access between sellers and buyers;

Shortening and streamlining the sales process;

Guaranteeing better prices;

Automation of the organization of the logistics chain;

Easy access to credit and insurance;

Transparency and credibility of market actors;

Reduction of expenses with the sales team.

To which business sector the platform address?


Raw material processors;

Cereal traders;

Input distributors for agriculture;

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment;

Agriculture service providers;

Banks and other credit and insurance institutions;

Providers of logistics services.