Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement "In Brief"

Agritech Center develops a high-quality standard for its services. An important part of this standard is the protection of the privacy of potential customers and the careful handling of their (personal) data. Agritech Center respects the confidentiality of all users of the website ( and ensures that the personal information you provide to us is treated confidentially and carefully.

Use of personal data

A visitor who is interested in Agritech Center services and wants to register as a potential customer can do so through the online registration form or by direct and personal contact.

Through this procedure, we are provided with personal information. Agritech Center uses personal information for a variety of purposes, such as a) registering a potential client in the customer/partner database, b) sending news via email.

Companies/persons who register through our website or direct and personal contact will receive written confirmation of registration.

Retention period

Agritech Center may keep personal information collected, including first and last name, email address, company data provided to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, for 24 months.

The personal data of the persons of Agritech Center, which it transmits to its customers, will also be stored for a maximum period of 24 months. At the end of this period, personal information will be deleted or anonymous, unless the candidate indicates that Agritech Center may continue to use personal information for a similar period, for the same purpose, for information purposes.

Inspection, correction, and deletion

A person who has signed up for the Agritech Center platform must always know what personal information is stored by the Agritech Center. They may request access to, modification or deletion of data. For this purpose, an application can be sent through the access form on the Agritech Center website or by email at [email protected] An application will be processed within 4 weeks.

Storage and security

Personal information is stored with various applications used by Agritech Center. These data are stored on servers within the European Union. The software applications for databases and management, contracted by Agritech Center, are secured by technical and organizational measures for the protection of the personal information of the candidates, as well as against the loss or unauthorized use.

Third parties

In some cases, Agritech Center uses external service providers (persons empowered by operators) who receive personal information from potential customers. Think of external application, storage, email, and telephone service providers. These third parties may use personal information only for the processing of the data defined at the request of the Agritech Center and are not allowed to use or transmit personal information for any other purpose.

General / Website

Agritech Center would like to inform you about the number of visitors to its website. Visitors' identity is not important. Therefore, specific, personally identifiable information is not stored or saved. However, the anonymous information is kept, such as the number of visitors, what part of the site is visited, time of visits, the country from which the site is visited, and general information about the software the visitor works with. To this end, the Agritech Center website uses a cookie, namely: Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a cookie for which no prior and separate agreement is required. With the help of this information, Agritech Center can continue to optimize the website.


This privacy statement may be modified periodically by the Agritech Center. People from whom we have personal information are directly informed about this.

The provisions of this declaration are supplemented by the general provisions of the Agritech Center Privacy Statement.

In interpreting this declaration, between the Romanian version and the English version, Romanian will prevail.

This Statement of Privacy is issued by Agritech Center.